McDonald’s Big Mac Mash Up

Big Mac Mash Up

McDonald’s – Translation (New York) – MediaMonks

In this campaign it is Big Mac versus Big Mac in the ultimate battle of ‘Super’ versus ‘Awesome’. Big Mac Mash Up is a battle arena where users can create their own taste-tacular Big Mac Mash Ups and then challenge a friend to do the same.

Constructed from hundreds of backgrounds, special effects, and beats, each new Mash Up goes into the battle arena for the most delicious title in history: Big Mac Mash Up Internet champion of the universe. Trust your taste-stincts on this one and create your own Big Mac Mash Up.


Client: McDonalds
Agency: Translation (New York & Chicago)
Concept: Rhys Davelaar, Geert Eichhorn, Massimo Meijer
Art-Direction: Massimo Meijer
Design: Luuk Vermeyden, Massimo Meijer
Production: MediaMonks


One of the most amazing projects I worked on. It’s not that often you get the chance to add a Godzilla with laser eyes to a project. Having this project end up at the shortlist of the FWA made it even better.