Google Live Case

Make your own Live Case

Google – RehabStudio

As a Creative Lead at RehabStudio I worked together with the Google Accessories team in New York to build a digital experience that allows you to create your own customised phone case and to see it’s design come to life on your phone’s screen with the companion live wallpaper.

Make your Live Case with a favourite photo, a special place on Google Maps, or artworks curated from popular artists, illustrators, and photographers. These experiences were launched together with Google’s Pixel and are displayed as it’s main accessories feature. Live Case started with the Photos and Places, but recently Artworks has been added to this. Have a look and go create your own Live Case with Photo, Places or Artworks

Concept screens – early designs

Your Live Wallpaper

Bring your design to life with the companion wallpaper. For the Photos Live Case you can enjoy a customisable slideshow on your screen. With the Places Live Case you see a stylised map of your current location. The Artworks Live Case you can turn your screen into a gallery featuring a collection of your choice.


Client: Google
Agency: RehabStudio
Creative Leads: Rory O’Connor, Massimo Meijer
Design: Matt Fenn, Janos Koos, Kevin Yaun, Matt Krygowski, Ajmal Kernain, Tomasz Wysocki, Johnny de Smet, Mor Bakal, Massimo Meijer
Concept: RehabStudio & Google Accessories
Production: RehabStudio
UX: Andrew Devlin, Dan Coppock, Luke Jeremy
Tech leads: Mika Tasich, Matt Bilson, Matt Wagerfield, together with the dev team