Chevrolet: Spark Social Drive

Chevrolet – Spark Social Drive

Chevrolet – McCann Commonwealth (Milan) – MediaMonks

Take the Chevrolet Spark for a spin through your very own personalized Social City. Power past ‘Picture Park’ and turn on to ‘Timeline Square’, as your life unfolds in real-time 3D with generative architecture and animations.

The Chevrolet Spark is presented as the car that fits your life better than any other, as it is quick and small and fits perfect in city life. A simple truth that became Spark Social City, the perfect place for the Spark to zip around. Social City is uniquely yours as it creates neighborhoods based on your social highlights, from pictures to posts, and tweets to timelines. This makes you able to twist and turn the car throughout the lanes of your life.

Social City lives as a Youtube branded channel, integrating Facebook Connect in some never-before-seen ways. Your social data is rendered in real-time 3D, creating a fully traversable city that lets you reminisce and remember. The algorithms behind the website make sure that your city is populated with cherished highlights. Our city is not just one-way traffic either, as it ties in closely with social channels to share and spread your social city moments.


Client: Chevrolet
Agency: McCann Commonwealth (Milan)
Concept: Jouke Vuurmans, Jeroen van der Meer, Massimo Meijer
Art-Direction: Jouke Vuurmans, Jeroen van der Meer, Massimo Meijer
Design: Luuk Vermeyden, Marius Roosendaal
Production: MediaMonks


Picking up an FWA award for website of the day, Spark Social City was a huge success and has been rolled out country after country. The combination of product & play, was the perfect foil for car enthusiasts around the world.